Friday, March 16, 2012

Drunk Diet Book Launch Party w/ Kelle Calco & The Colored Boys, Breedlove, & The Dirty Pearls

luc carl
kelle calco & the colored boys
matt demicco
steve kortyka, brian newman, tommy london
chris riel
brian newman
zachary chick
tommy london
tommy mokas, steve kortyka
sunny climbs
tommy u.s.a.
michael greco
luc carl
tommy mokas, steve kortyka, brian newman
luc carl & murray hill
kelle calco
luc carl
matthew demicco & kelle calco
tommy london
 luc carl

photos by ash fox

This party was in celebration of Luc Carl's "Drunk Diet" Book launch. It's always a special time when our little New York City rock scene gets together and fills up a sizable NYC venue, creating the illusion that rock is the music of this generation... if only. It was like a rock n' roll high school reunion, but with cooler people. Murray Hill hosted, Ian el Derado spun r n' r, and the show featured muscians, Kelle Calco and The Colored Boys, The Dirty Pearls, Brian Newman, and Breedlove. Hopefully some videos will surface on youtube, if you weren't able to attend.

On the rare night I'm not working, I rarely bring my camera. Sometimes, I really do enjoy having an experience without a machine in front of my face. With that said, from the moment I decide to leave the house with my camera thinking, "I'll only take a few pics here and there" I spend the show incessantly snapping, not letting one second go by without document. Maybe the contradiction pays off in the end?

I brought along my camera, and left my flash home, since I couldn't be weighed down with any extra beast. Decided to challenge myself focusing manually, so I could shoot faster...not easy. The high iso created a good amount of grain, but I don't mind it. An added challenge was the odd angle underneath the elevated stage shooting at 50mm max, when my telephoto lens would have been preferable. Still, I'm pleased. 

Long live rock n' roll.