Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad Reputation

As much as I love a good film, I rarely go the movies. The truth is, most Hollywood films bore me. Films intended for a female audience (chick flicks) tend to be embarrassing to our sex. That being said, I'm dying to see the "The Runaways", because not only is it one of my favorite genres, a biopic, it's a rock biopic about one of the first all girl rock bands. Of course I'm going in with the expectation that the story will play like a glorified "Behind the Music" episode. For some reason the cliché "sex, drugs and rock n' roll” story entices me again and again. Even if “The Runaways” script is mediocre at best, we can still expect a killer wardrobe and soundtrack.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chrissie Cool

A thick tie usually brings to mind a wall street shark in an ill fitting, boxy cut suit..or Chrisse Hynde. She is one of the few people who can make a thick tie look cool. Beauty and confidence seems to radiates from her. I think the secret to staying eternally young and beautiful is not necessarily being a vegan (in Chrissie's case) but continually creating, dreaming, chipping away at new ideas and attempting to contribute to society. I had a professor in college who was so vibrant and young in both spirit and appearance..he looked no older than 60..the man was a 77 year old artist (he was one of the first people to experiment with video as an artform and continues to make and show his work.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scott Weiland's Hybrid Style

Photo Credits:, GettyImages, Corbis, Google Images

Stone Temple Pilots, challenged the grunge of the 90’s with melodic Beatles-y pop, infused with Zepplinesque riffs, tied together with Weiland’s stream of conscious lyrics which conjured images of black clouds and purple flowers. Scott Weiland's music does not neatly fit into any sub genres of rock, yet is unquestionably rock n' roll. Likewise, his style encapsulates the best aspects of rock n’ roll fashion.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Ass Chicks: Juliette Lewis

I saw Juliette Lewis for the first time playing with Camp Freddy at the Roxy in LA last summer. It was a show full of men until this incredibly talented lady stepped on stage and the energy of the room completely changed. She rocked harder than any male rock star I have ever seen. She is an amazing showwoman. Her voice is loud, powerful, gritty, and upbeat. You can always tell that she is having an amazing time. Her band "Juliette and the Licks" released two hard rocking and insanely catchy albums. "Sticky Honey" was stuck in my head all last summer..and my ring tone happens to be "Hot Kiss". The Licks recently disbanded but Juliette Lewis is releasing a solo album in September, which I am psyched for.