Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock n' Roll Style Guide: Iggy Pop + How to Wear Metallic Pants


(Balmain's uber lux silver pants are $4,500 a pop. Read on for my realistically priced options.)

Rock ‘N’ Roll Style Guides are all about channeling your inner rock star and looking to the greats for inspiration. Just like rock ‘n’ roll music, the clothing needs to be kept at equal volume...LOUD!

In rock ‘n’ roll’s fashion version of a high school yearbook, the winner of BEST PANTS would have to go to Iggy Pop. He wins not only for his assortment of metallic leather, but because it’s really the only item of clothing he wears. So I’m wondering, does the man make the pants or do the pants make the man? Read on to find out how silver pants will transform any mere mortal into a rock star.