Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock n' Roll Style Guide: Iggy Pop + How to Wear Metallic Pants


(Balmain's uber lux silver pants are $4,500 a pop. Read on for my realistically priced options.)

Rock ‘N’ Roll Style Guides are all about channeling your inner rock star and looking to the greats for inspiration. Just like rock ‘n’ roll music, the clothing needs to be kept at equal volume...LOUD!

In rock ‘n’ roll’s fashion version of a high school yearbook, the winner of BEST PANTS would have to go to Iggy Pop. He wins not only for his assortment of metallic leather, but because it’s really the only item of clothing he wears. So I’m wondering, does the man make the pants or do the pants make the man? Read on to find out how silver pants will transform any mere mortal into a rock star.

A few years back I had the pleasure of bumping into Iggy Pop in Atlantic City. He was shirtless, hopping around the Taj Mahal casino on one foot, (the other foot was shoeless.) The only notable article of clothing, were his killer pair of pants. It was an odd sight, but it was Iggy Pop, one of the few people you might expect to hop around on one foot. Man, I’d be fine walking around shirtless and shoeless too on those grimy casino floors if only I had on a good pair of silver leathers.

We’ve all seen the iconic image immortalized by Mick Rock of Iggy in the mid-seventies clad in silver pants contorting into a perfect back bend. This may have been the first official sighting of silver pants on anyone other than an astronaut. It’s my favorite rock ‘n’ roll photo of all time. I wonder as I sit on my silver couch typing this, was Iggy a yogi back in 1970, or did the silver pants magically give him the ability to contort his body into all sorts of shiny shapes? Yoga may be a good idea if I want to look that good in my silvers and simultaneously twist myself into a pretzel.

Silver pants are all the best things about rock ‘n’ roll glamour rolled into one item. Slick, showy and iconic thanks to Iggy. To clarify, I’m talking about metallic PANTS, not leggings. Silver leggings have a more hipster, roller girl, Dov Charney connotation. Metallic pants connote Iggy Pop and outer space. They’re not modest by any means. In fact, while wearing silver pants you could act as a human reflector for a photo shoot. Silver pants are a rock ‘n' roll classic. They're never going out of style no matter how over exposed they become. They're rock ‘n' roll formal wear. No one will deny you the attention you’re asking for in silver pants.

My favorite pair of silver pants were snagged almost a decade ago at Century 21. They were oversized parachute pants by Dolce and Gabanna about 6 sizes too large, but they were the only silver pants I’d ever encountered in the flesh and they were $20. Those babies went straight to my tailor and became my second skin for every occasion no matter how inappropriate. Unfortunately, this was in high school before the heavens gave me hips, so they were soon retired. For years, I’ve been on a hunt for another pair to no avail, but this season things are looking up. Balmain, Burberry and others finally got hip to metal and the mass-market stores caught on. While this is fortunate for me and the lovely people reading, it will unfortunately also make way for the trend sheep masses to wear them. I’m sure you remember what happened with the spikes and studs trend just a few years ago? Then again, anyone confident enough to pull off a pair of metallic pants is pretty cool in my book.

How to Wear Metallic Pants

- Lust for Less: Let the pants stand on their own. They’re the bling of the outfit, so everything else should be kept simple. Overdoing it in the accessories department will make you look more like a Las Vegas lion tamer than a rock star, so keep the look simple.

- Going topless is an option…in theory. If you’re comfortable with a little exposure and happen to be on stage fronting a good band, go for it. Unfortunately, most public places require a shirt unless you really are Iggy Pop.

- They next viable option is a simple top or blazer. I love the look of a one button blazer over a bare chest. The simplicity of white and silver or black and silver is minimalist chic. With a pair of ruby red metallics, you could pair them with a leopard print blazer and no accessories, just good hair and a little sweat.

- Accessorize with wild hair, and sleek simple pumps.

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Get the look: Where to find shiny pants

1. Zara: $59.90 You can always count on Zara to reproduce the best of the runway at a fairly reasonable price (Thank you Balmain, Burberry and Celine). The one downside is the cuts are very generic and often boxy. I find that a lot of their clothes camouflage curves more than they accentuate them. These low rider jeans look great on thin frames, with narrow hips, and an itty bitty bum. They come in silver or gold. Get em' here.

2. Apple Bottoms: $21.78 I've searched far and wide for a brand that accommodates curves and it looks like Apple bottoms says it in the name. (early '00s "Hot in Here" rapper Nelly started the brand.) These beauties are the least expensive of the bunch and are perfect for curvier figures. They’re higher cut and more flattering on the ass. As far as I’m concerned, how my tush looks is the essential purchase point. Not crazy about the way they seem to bunch at the ankle, but I'm sure you could hem them to fix that. Get 'em here.

3. Trash and Vaudeville: $60 These unisex ruby reds are perfect for skinny guys or for woman with narrow hips and a straighter figure. They’re pvc and a bit sticky, but they look slick! Your legs look like they were freshly painted in red corvette shellac. Get 'em here.


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