Monday, March 18, 2013

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts at City Winery 3/17/13

all photos by ASH FOX
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Last night I brought my camera to see Scott Weiland at City Winery. I was shooting from the crowd with a fixed lens among fellow fans. It's late so I'm not going to write a full review...all I'll say is Scott Weiland is last great rock star and any opportunity to see him play I'll take. The show was mostly new renditions of classic STP songs, and covers. I personally would have liked to hear more of Scott's solo material, but understandably the STP material appeals to the majority of fans. "Kitchenware and Candybars" was the standout song of the evening in my opinion, however the crowd seemed most excited and energized by the bass line leading into Janes Addiction's "Mountain Song". It seems that a lot of fans go see bands popular during the 90s for a nostalgic trip back to their youth. I only discovered Weiland's musc 8 yrs ago so I experienced his music in a different context. I'm much more excited by the stranger, experimental and romantic tracks. Apparently the Wildabouts are playing NY again this summer. I'd love to hear them swap out some of the cover songs for a few more original, rarely-performed Weiland songs like "Divider" and "Son" as well as some of STP's softer deep cuts like "Samba Nova", "Seven Caged Tigers", and "Wonderful" to name a few.