Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots at Jones Beach

Stone Temple Pilots at Jones Beach Theater on September 4, 2010
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collage by ASH FOX

It was the first day of September cool enough to break out the leather jacket. On a whim, I made the trek out to Jones Beach from Manhattan to see my favorite band Stone Temple Pilots. I linked up with fellow STP devotees and we hung out in the parking lot drinking beers and reminiscing about our favorite STP performances. We were from a few different generations, but all equally hard core about STP. Being a rock fan is similar to being a comic book nerd, except that instead of attending a convention like Comic-con we congregate in parking lots and back doors at rock shows. Some of the diehards were decked out in STP apparel, others had STP tattoos, but they all had a recognizable glimmer in their eye while talking about STP.