Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a Fan: My Stone Temple Pilots Concert Saga

Without fail, whenever I have a concert to attend, it rains. However, having to bear the elements always sets the mood of the story. "We stuck it out in 5 inch heels in the dead of winter for 6 hours straight" is a line that shows up in almost all of my concert re-tellings. Fro-ed out, frizzy hair is pretty much a guarantee, no matter how smooth it was when getting ready. When the band hits the stage you're too caught up in the magic of experience, transfixed by the music to give a crap about what you look like. Rain storms, other than emphasizing what I'll withstand for rock, and making my hair a frizzy mess, have made me superstitious. If it rains on a show date I'm pretty sure that night will be a magical rock n' roll experience. I've never been wrong.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dave Navarro's Rock Loft

images courtesy of the LA Times/ Chicago Tribune, and Heidi Toll Design

Dave Navarro's Hollywood loft designed by Heidi Toll is the perfect crash pad with its golden ratio of modern elegance and rock n' roll glamor. Bone imagery, dramatic red lighting, and snake skins, give it the metal edge suitable for a the guitarist. I totally get off on unexpected patterns like the X-ray wallpaper, which has that Chuck Close affect.. it would look like a simple diamond pattern from a distance. The bathroom is a stage dressing room on steroids. How fun would it be getting ready for a night on the town in front of those glorious bulbs? The red lit chandelier over the bed is exceptionally sexy. A famed rock n' roll photographer once told me that red lighting makes everyone look better...I'm sure this applies here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rock n' High Fashion Collide: Givenchy

When Ricardo Tisci took over Givenchy in 2005, we were in for a treat. Givenchy became the go-to label for well tailored clothing with a modern approach to iconic rock looks. Even if the prices are out of reach for the average Jane or Joe, they inspire the season. This spring I scored a Bowie stripe inspired Givenchy knock blazer at H&M.. good design trickles down. Givenchy is still known for their brilliantly tailored suits, but now they look less like office wear and more like stage attire. Recent campaigns for the brand pay homage to the glam, metal and gothic elements of rock n' roll with unexpected styling. Each collection focuses on rock star staples--bold stripes, striking hair, and layers and layers of chains. If I could only peek into Tisci’s studio, I wouldn't be surprised to see a picture of Shirley Manson tacked to Fall '10's mood board. I may just have to go magenta come fall.