Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dave Navarro's Rock Loft

images courtesy of the LA Times/ Chicago Tribune, and Heidi Toll Design

Dave Navarro's Hollywood loft designed by Heidi Toll is the perfect crash pad with its golden ratio of modern elegance and rock n' roll glamor. Bone imagery, dramatic red lighting, and snake skins, give it the metal edge suitable for a the guitarist. I totally get off on unexpected patterns like the X-ray wallpaper, which has that Chuck Close affect.. it would look like a simple diamond pattern from a distance. The bathroom is a stage dressing room on steroids. How fun would it be getting ready for a night on the town in front of those glorious bulbs? The red lit chandelier over the bed is exceptionally sexy. A famed rock n' roll photographer once told me that red lighting makes everyone look better...I'm sure this applies here.

The design modernizes gothic imagery and makes it appropriate for everyday living. Instead of a dirty rock bar it feels like a swanky hotel suite. Such a fantastic representation of the rock world at it's most glamorous, made for the rock star accustomed to sleeping at the Waldorf as opposed to a tour bus cot. All of this glam couldn't be achieved without the expertise of designer Heidi Toll, who clearly understood Navarro's personality and vision. All in all it's a space sophisticated in it's design, but playful enough for Dave's lifestyle.


  1. um... I am not sure. this is "too glam" for me :)))

  2. Omg, wish this is my room!
    It's very beautiful and love those lights!

  3. Loving the look of that bathroom.

  4. Definitely not my design taste, but i can totally appreciate everything you've said here, especially knowing that this is Dave's space, which completely suits him.

    Hope you're well dear! :) xx

  5. I love all the pics...they're surely in my style!!
    I really like your blog...
    come see mine :


  6. I could seriously get in a party mood in his pad. I love the snakeskin counter. Genius. And, I think I could stay in that black bath for hours. Amazing writing girl.


  7. The bedroom is the absolute best... even though the whole loft just screams... "come over, rocker gal"!

  8. Really sexy spaces!
    Love that chandelier!


  9. SUPER swanky! i rather like some of the elements. very miami-meets-vegas...or something like that.

  10. love these pictures! your blog is great. found you today on bloglovin. stop by and say hello sometime:


  11. Awesome photos and breakdown of Dave Navarro's style. I bet you would do some killer interior design!

  12. Love it! It's like rock and roll still cool and slightly grown up...or at least cleaned up!

  13. rock n' roll, my Ash!